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As an art educator I have focused on the ancient cultures of the Meso-America and China. These two civilization have been overlooked in the general education. Both are rich in history, technology, and art. The Chinese (who invented the rudder and the compass) had an explorer, Zheng He. He traveled back forth from China to Africa 100 years before Christopher Columbus.

The Meso-Americans were studying the stars, and building empires of large populations. In the year 700 it is estimated that Xi'an, China had a million people, Teotihuacan in the year 500 had approximately 125,000 to 200,000 people. It wasn't until the year 1,000 that London had 12,000 people.

Both the Chinese & the Maya invented writing. This only happened four times in the history of people.

Why Us?

Pearl Lau has taught every level of the student from Pre-K to college. During this time she was nominated Elementary Art Educator of the Year and ultimately Art Educator of the Year in New York City.

She is currently a curriculum developer for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC and the Brooklyn Museum of Art developing lessons for the Arts of China.

Individual lessons or units can be designed to fit your schedule or budget needs for any age level.

One of the things I stress for the classroom projects is that all lessons can be accomplished using ordinary school supplies.

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